When you’re picking a new sofa for an existing color palette, you have the excitement of re-anchoring, refocusing and refreshing your space. Of course, there’ is the long-standing dichotomy about whether your sofa should be a neutral element or a statement piece. Why not make it both? A neutral color has traditionally served to unify a room and create harmony, whereas a bold color has meant that the sofa is the focal point. Instead, we’re seeing a preference for a new kind of neutral. So then how do you choose a sofa color for your living room? With an eye to colors that are warm and sleek,  fabrics that are plush wile refined, you can integrate muted colors into your space for a room that is color-forward without being overtly a “statement.”


So how do you best choose a sofa color for your living room? When you invest in a sofa, you’re making a large home decor decision which is often your largest piece of furniture. Commonly the color of your sofa and texture of the fabrics will largely determine future decor choices. From paint color to throw pillows, your sofa has a very wide range of influence. And while neutrals are tried and true, you might find yourself hankering for something a little different.

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Think of your wall or sofa colors as the beginning of a palette. What is the neutral that will best work for your color choices? If you love pinks, reds, and oranges, your best choice might be a soft camel tan or dove grey and then accent with colors you love. If you lean towards dusky blues and sage greens? Look for a grey with similar undertones. Instead of planning your room around a single piece, focus on the colors that you gravitate towards naturally, and collect pieces in that palette.


Your lifestyle dictates the best material choice, but if choosing fabric, look for construction with high polyester contents. Remember this is not the polyester from the 70’s. Polyester ages well, cleans easily with a warm microfibre cloth and holds up to common household additions like pets and children. Consider the texture; do you like a raised boucle, a flat woven, knit or a velvety chenille. Keep your space fresh and up-to-trend by adding funky throw pillows or a blanket, but rely on the solid goodness of a clean fabric sofa as a backdrop.

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